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Legendary Associate Firm wants to bring additional revenue to your company. Legendary Associate Firm is the best company to serve you with 16 years in the revenue business industry. Our company aims to give all our client’s maximum returns for services they render. If you choose to do business with our company, you will have your portfolio worked by one of the most knowledgeable, organized, and detailed organizations. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. Legendary Associate Firm looks forward to doing business with your company.
1. Medical claims
Legendary will collect the missing insurance information from the patients and have it sent to the insurance companies. We will follow up with the insurance companies and dispute any underpaid contracts to make sure you get the maximum amount payable per your contract. Legendary will follow up on additional information needed from the providers or hospitals such as EOB(Explanation of Benefits), COB(Coordination of Benefits), medical records, referrals, corrected UBO4s and CMS1500s, etc.
2. Automobile Loans
Legendary will call customers and collect on past due account 30+ days. We will work with repossession agents in securing the vehicle when payments are not secured. Legendary will negotiate payment options and deferrals for customers. Legendary will do skip trace work to locate missing customers utilizing different systems.
3. Personal Long Term & Short term loans
Legendary will work with customers who’s loans are 30+ days past due to negotiate payment options and plans available to get loans back in good standings. Legendary will work with customers to setup financial assistance options per your company’s policies to get customers accounts back in good standings.
4. Legal
Legendary Associate Firm has strong knowledge of the FDCPA laws and collection legal practices and we will work with your company to make sure each collection laws are followed eliminating lawsuits and saving your company’s revenue and profits. We make sure we stand by our 100% client satisfaction guarantee..

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Legendary Associate Firm has earned the trust of many companies and even at the bottom tier, has collected over 1 million dollars in revenue and profits for my clients. See detailed experience below:
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Legendary Associate Firm aims to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our product of services. Legendary caters to each client’s specific needs for your business. We have many tools and systems that are recommended to make sure you obtain the most revenue possible.
Legendary knows how hard it can be to work with insurance companies and customers and our goal is to deliver a positive resource for your business needs. Legends are legends for a reason and they are remembered for the outstanding and memorable work they have done. My mission is to be the legendary company that your company needs and remembers.


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Medical Insurance Claims

Legendary Associates will dispute your contracts with the insurance carriers and send any additional information needed from the insurance companies to maximize revenue dollars.


Auto Loan Revenue Specialist

Legendary Associates will contact customers for the dealerships to negotiate with customers payment options or plans to pay their past due loans.


Personal Short Terms & Long Terms Loan .

Legendary Associate will negotiate payment plans and payment options to bring past due loans in good standings.

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Legendary Associates Firm is thrilled to take our business to the next level with your company. Our goal is to utilize our expertise and resources to minimize the stress on your company. Contact us today and see how we can help out with your business needs.


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